Falling Down 1.

22 10 2011

Funny old thing Falling down, if you do it often enough, which I do you don’t seem to hurt yourself. I watched Miranda Hart on the Jonathan Ross show tonight demonstrating her skill at the comedy fall and was reminded of the many laughs I have had while falling A**e over t*t.

Award winner: Miranda Hart swept the board at the British Comedy Awards for her partly self-deprecating show, Miranda, about a single woman who runs a gift shop

Over the years I seem to have made a habit of falling over. One minute I am walking along chatting ( sober I might add) and the next I am on the floor. Where it not for the fact that my falling is accompanied by sound effects I am sure my companions would just carry on walking leaving me un noticed lying on the floor.

I have to date fallen over a crack in the pavement, My own feet and a small pebble. I have while on a weekend break to Bath with friends skated down a field loosing all the loose change in my pocket and landed in a cow pat, Hubby and friends, Jenny and Eddy, could hardly stop laughing long enough to help me up.

Whilst walking home from Our Local Indian Take away I Managed to trip over a puddle, practically somersaulted before hitting the deck, accompanied by my traditional ooooooooo! and ended up seated on the pavement while hubby picked up both myself and our Curry supper, both remarkably in one piece.

While walking home from work with my friend I have fallen so many times that tonight when I stopped to rearrange my bag with a small ooh Sarah automatically whipped round expecting to find me on the floor.

I am not sure how I end up on the floor, funny knees, weak ankles, problems with my ears or just plain top-heavy but I just can’t stay on my feet. I think that maybe I too have turned falling down into an art form.

Luckily, thanks to my teenage judo classes I am sure, I have learnt to roll.




2 responses

23 10 2011
Kathryn McCullough

Bless your heart. I really feel for you, as I am always falling, tripping. slipping, stumbling. I think I have a gravitational disorder (as if there were such a thing–just thought it sounded like a good excuse). So here’s to staying upright!

23 10 2011

I sound really feeble don’t I? I am really quite tough physically speaking, I may borrow your diagnosis “gravitational disorder” sounds so much better than just plain clumsy. I think I just don’t concentrate on the putting one foot in front of the other enough, to many other interesting things on my mind.

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