Out of season

16 04 2012

While frantically trying, with little success, to de-clutter I came across a verse I wrote nearly twenty years ago. I had thought it lost, it had been a long time since I had seen it so I shall share it here before I misplace it again.

Spring and the first buds bloom                                                     
Like the tender flutter in a mothers womb.
They gently unfurl their fronds and buds,
As a new life forms from its parents love.
Boldly they burst out, vibrant, bright,
That perfect child like springs new light.

Then summertime, so strong so sweet,
This new life now must find its feet.
As nature displays her fruits with such pride,
She feels not the seed of doubt hidden there inside.
The summers sun so warm and healing,
Like a balm to the wounds of the ripe fruits leaving.

Mellow Autumn creeps slowly around,
While the debris of life’s labours are thrown to the ground.
Her naked arms, coldly hung by fog,
Where once she received such unquestioning love.
With blankets of dew and tears of rain,
How could such precious pleasure become such raw pain?

With quiet time for thought and rest,
Winters crisp season should be the best.
But frozen fingers of ice like jabbing needles,
Open the wound of hurt she feels.
Gently, a flutter, a tiny bird takes shelter in her barren boughs.
Winters glimmer of hope, a cry unheard,
Someone does still need her now.

Spring again, the grass will grow
Courting birds will sing, such thankful fellows.
The fruits of her fruit are born of her anew
Again life returns, once again the dew.
This timid sun warms away her doubt
That springs gentle pleasures will again be felt.


Which way to go?

14 04 2012

Is there a good way to die? I have just finished reading a great book ” The time Travelers Wife” and if you haven’t read this or might be planning to stop blogging now, in which a guy called Henry flits to and fro through time, popping in and out of his soul mates life. Henry’s soul mate Claire first meets Henry when she is about six and he is a grown man, there must be a reason why Henry is drawn to her as he has no choice where his time travel takes him ,so it must be some kind of Kismet. Their relationship ,purely platonic at this time, twists and turns along untill they finally meet when they are both in real-time and are adult. Their love, although encapsulated in this bizarre scenario is so believable that you naturally expect a happy ending. During a recent bout of insomnia I decided to read the next chapter of this romance and was surprised to find myself sobbing into its pages, never has a book moved me so. Henry has realised that he has never time traveled and met Claire as an old woman, he realises, and you would need to read the book to truly understand how likely this is, that during his travels he has died. He knows the year, which is some time off but is unable to tell Claire! I can’t begin to tell you how unbelievably sad this part of the book is but it did leave me with a burning question, would I want to know when I Was going to die so I could prepare for my own demise or would I like to just slip away unexpectedly?

Oddly while at the hairdresser’s today this subject came up. My hairdressers father had recently died from leukaemia and she was about to run the London marathon in his honour, this is going to be tough for the poor woman as she hadn’t expected to be accepted on her first application and is now training like mad. Had he been ill for long? No she said, he had only been diagnosed about six weeks before and wished he hadn’t known what he had.
On the other hand the mother of a close friend died last year of a heart attack, Carole had been fit and active, a non smoker and appeared to be in the best of health. Her family were devastated! So many things unsaid, so many gaps in their lives that Carole usually filled and they had not had time to consider the impact that her leaving them would have. But she would have hated a long slow death, so I suppose we should rejoice that she was spared that and remember her vitality and how she shaped the life that we still live in her memory.
In contrast, some people battle on with long illnesses for what seems like a lifetime. My sister in law Sue was diagnosed with a terminal tumour on her kidney, she was very brave and struggled on for many months. Unfortunately, or so it appeared to me, she was unable, even though she knew her time was short,to enjoy the remainder of her life as she was totally absorbed with looking for a cure, strange Australian herbs, visualisation, spiritual healing, hoping for not the impossible but the unlikely. Perhaps understandable as she had a young daughter who needed her, but very sad that her final days where so….that she could not have had more fun.
A good friend, Verinda, was cured of breast cancer, but I felt she was always waiting for its return. Unfortunately she was right and many years later it has returned. Verinda however seems relieved, I saw her recently and it was as if all her cares had fallen away, she looked so well and vibrant, full of life she seemed to have looked death in the eye and challenged it to spoil her fun. She will be missed, I hope I am as brave when my time comes.
Like many I have seen elderly parents fade away, I think welcoming an end of days. So many ways to leave, so many different paths and doorways, which one will be chosen for each of us? If you could choose , How would you like to go?

I cant turn the page.

11 04 2012

I need to add some pictures but cant get them onto the right page. I think I may need to enlist some help, probably from someone below the age of 20! How are they all born with instant computer knowledge?

Mary’s British knickers.

8 04 2012


Over the last couple of weeks I have been watching Mary Portas on the TV trying to produce 100 % British knickers. This woman is an inspiration, I don’t know how she feels about the queen and the honours system but I think she should be nominated for some kind of honour, an OBE or something.she managed to make me feel both proud to be British and ashamed all at the same time!
Channel 4 took us on Mary’s journey as she employed a hand full of unemployed people and gave them an opportunity to work and feel a sence of pride that they are earning a living for themselves. Some of these people’s family’s hadn’t worked for generations, how can this be?
How have we managed to develop a fantastic income support system which has,instead of being a helping hand for those who are struggling,become a way of life for so many. Thousands have been robbed of the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of an honest days work and a feeling of self worth that they probably don’t even know exists.
Every part of a kinky knicker, after some serious supply problems, is manufactured in Britain and who would have thought that we where approaching the time when buying British would be so difficult? Nottingham lace it would seem is no longer made in Nottingham as manufacture has moved abroad, we the brittish public have let this industry, which took generations to creat slip through our fingers like grains of sand as we got caught up in the price wars publicised by the Big chain stores and supermarkets. brainwashed into thinking that cheap is best we have squeezed our own workers out of Jobs. Mary Portas and her team demonstrated that by buying British products manufacturing could be done here again.
I for one thought I was ready for early retirement but having watched this program now appreciate how lucky I am to have a job, something to get up for every day, the knowledge that everything I have is truly mine and not gained by the fruits of someone else’s toil.
How can this be changed? If you get the chance watch Mary’s bottom line @chanel4, see all the people lined up who’s lives have been so changed by the sewing of a pair of Mary’s “kinky knickers”. The machinists, the drivers, the hairdressers and nail technicians, the printers, the packers, the people that make the lace,the people that stick the stickers in the knickers,all have their jobs becuase they are sewing knickers in this factory.Buy a pair of Mary’s knickers and support your country! Who knows maybe we could be starting a second industrial revolution.
Mary Portas I am so proud of you!


Joining the world of apple and loving it!

3 04 2012

If someone had told me that one ay I would be in love with a machine (other than the dish washer) I would have laughed in their face. But I am now the owner of a new shiny iPad and I don’t know how I managed without it. Who would believe that this shiny, beautiful, black screen could hold such wonders. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
This is my first post using my new mate so I will keep it short as I still don’t know how to add the photos , tags etc. but I am looking forward to muc posting. Watch this space.


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