About Me.

I was born in Ashford Kent 1960 the oldest of three. My Dad had lived in many places, he was active, a loving family man, argumentative (debate) and handsome. My Mum was an inspiration she had lived in Ashford nearly all her life. She was Nurturing, Caring, Kind and sensible. She looked after us as well as all the neighbourhood kids. As a family we didn’t have a huge circle of friends, not because we where not liked, but because we had family, uncles Aunts Grandparents etc and didn’t seem to need anyone else. I can Honestly say that untill I turned 11 I had an idyllic Childhood. Maybe I will tell you more at a later date?

This bog is a new beginning for me, I havent yet decided exactly which direction it will move in.My oroinal Blog http://smockturtle.blogspot.com/  started off as an oppotunity to get news stuff off my chest but has gotten a bit deep at times. I find myself torn between needing to bare my soul and not wanting to reveal myself. Confused? me too.

I am looking for Answers, not sure what the questions are yet but here we go.

I suppose I would like to reveal the real me, my feelings, the things and people i care about, my successes, failures, opinions and small adventures. I hope you might enjoy following some of them.


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