The selfie generation.

3 01 2015

I recently needed a picture of myself and discovered that I didn’t have one, apart from an awful passport photo that is, so reluctantly decided to have a go at a selfie. With ipad propped on a table and after mant discarded attempts I managed what I thought a passable portrait. A couple of months later, Carols playing out as I got the bar ready to open on Christmas Day and pondered my day ahead, I realised how happy I was, This, my very first one as a singleton, was going to be a very good day, filled with lovely people and things I enjoy. So to celebrate and record my new found happiness, out with the elastic arms and the ipad. Here is my Merry Christmas selfie!

I have given myself the best gift ever. Freedom, thankyou very much xxx



Something Confucius might say

3 08 2013

A man who has plenty but seeks more through dishonesty may find that he gains nothing but has lost what he already had. In other words you can’t have your cake and eat it!

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